Condominium by the River

The condominium is located in a serene residential area along the Kallang River, a haven for water sports enthusiasts and next to the Sports Hub. The primary objective of the project was to ensure a well-lit interior. Re-planning of the spaces involved opening up of rooms to allow a connected space for the living and dining. Cabinets in oak timber veneer are incorporated as part of the interior setting, at times acting as partitions and other times as frames to demarcate the change between difference space. The most vital shift of the unit is in the emotions of the interior space. Where the original was grim and heave, the transformed unit is light-hearted with a quiet repose. The project was completed in June 2014.


Photo#1,2,3,5,,7,8,9,16,17,20,23,24 Marc Tey, the rest by Masaki Harimoto